Jennifer N. West Palm Beach, FL | Oct 10, 2017

“Dr Robin Erickson is a credit to her profession. I have been going to her 6 months and I really feel like is worth living now because of her. She has walked me out of the dark and I can see. She is available always if not by office than by email. She is wonderful. She is very empathetic. You get sympathy from most but she feels your pain and walks you through it. She shares your sorrow and had a great memory. She is very personable and cares. I’m so fortunate and blessed to have her in my life.”

West Palm Beach, FL | Dec 16, 2016

“I’m so blessed and fortunate that I have been her patient now for the past three years. When I walked into her office I instantly felt the warmth and compassion she welcomed me with! Her kind words, of wisdom, knowledge and guidance for my needs to me and my family. She’s absolutely amazing to have for a counselor and I Always look forward to Our sessions!”

Robert Goldstein in Jupiter, FL | Dec 16, 2016

“I have been under the care of Robin for over a year and have found her to be indispensable in managing my entire mental health needs – she is a superior “listener” but has a solid foundation in understanding all the elements of specific psychological difficulties and can make them seem highly insightful with the ability to get in touch with your own difficult topics you’ve never let surface. Her personality and professionalism are second to none. She is a credit to her field.”

-Cheryl in palm beach gardens, fl | Dec 07, 2016

“I find D. Erickson very personable and her counseling very helpful about numerous and varied topics. She was quite helpful with a recent urgent situation following up with a call to me to check in. I have no hesitation in recommending her to friends. She is very professional and I always feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues with her.”

L.D. in Jupiter, FL

Dr Erickson is wonderful !!!! I have been seeing her on and off for 11 years . She is the most caring , loving therapist I have ever seen. She has helped me tremendously over the years. Also we are about the same age -so she understands a lot of what I am going through. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Its great when you connect with someone on this level.”

SDK in West Palm Beach, FL

“For close to ten years I’ve been working with Dr. Robin Erickson on ADHD, Anxiety Attacks, Bipolar II Disorder, Co-Dependency, Depression, Grief and Relationship Issues. She is compassionate with a warm and caring working style. Our sessions feels like two old friends talking, where I feel safe talking about uncomfortable issues. She provides me with the tools to see things in a different perspective. She is an utmost professional, I recommend Dr. Robin Erickson for any issues facing you in life”

S. M. in Palm Springs, FL

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Erickson for several years. She is great very down to earth. I’ve seen many therapist over the years, she is the best!!!!”

West Palm Beach, FL

“Dr. Erickson offers a very friendly, professional and trusting counseling experience. She’s easy to talk to and has helped me through a lot over the years. I would highly recommend her to everyone!”

-CAS in West Palm Beach

“Dr. Erickson is wonderful. She is kind, intelligent, helpful, non-judgmental and knowledgeable as an expert in this area. She is a brilliant therapist and she is very committed to her patients.”

-KT in Loxahatchee

“I think Dr Erickson is very warm and professional. It is extremely easy to discuss all subject matter with her. My adult son has seen her, as have my husband and myself. We all would wholeheartedly recommend her.”